Tsakiridis Aeolos Ultra Tsakiridis Aeolos Ultra

 Tsakiridis Aeolos Ultra :

Aeolos Ultra is a new revision of Aeolos which utilizes KT150 tubes. More power capability alongside a face lift, is intended to make an impact in the market. 
All the excellent features of Aeolos with more power and style.

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Aeolos Ultra tube Integrated Amplifier 2x70W 4x KT150, 4x12AT7.

  • Remote Control.
  • Four (4) Inputs Rele's Line Selector with Tape Out.
  • High Grade Selection Rele's.
  • Alps Volume Control.
  • Matched Input & Output Tubes.
  • Power Supply Capacitors United Chemicon.
  • Porcelain Tube Bases.
  • Double Face Printing Circuit with Separate Signal & Power Path.
  • Hand Made Ultralinear Multi Layer Output Transformers.
  • High Grade Polypropylene Signal Capacitors.
  • Metal Film Resistors with Low Tolerance 1%.
  • Gold Plated Input Connectors Ultimax.
  • Nickel Plated Output Connectors Ultimax.
  • Five Years Guarantee.

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Tsakiridis Aeolos Ultra
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